Story of Chirimen Dress KIWA 



Tango Chirimen is an established Japanese traditional fabric that has been called the best technology after about 300 years of history. KIWA fabrics are all manufactured in Tango, Kyoto.

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ESKIWA textiles are carefully finished with our hearts.


Chirimen fabric used in kiwa is woven in Tango and dyed in Kyoto.


Tango Chirimen is woven using wefts with a strong twist of about 3,000 times per meter. After weaving, the sericin that covers the surface of the raw silk is removed by scouring, and the twisted yarn shrinks, and the force that the twist tries to return creates irregularities called wrinkles on the surface of the fabric. It is a technology that creates a rich and deep hue by making it stand out and have a soft touch that can not be applied to ordinary silk fabrics, good dyeing, and irregular reflection of light. Today, it is said to be a region that aims to be the “highest quality weaving and dyeing center”. With the decline of kimono culture and the aging of craftsmen, the production of Tango Chirimen is decreasing. We arranged this wonderful Tango Chirimen culture and technology in modern clothes and launched a brand with the desire to make more people aware.


It can be washed, has excellent quick-drying properties, and does not easily wrinkle It is a very convenient material to carry. There is little shape loss and the best comfort is maintained for more than 10 years. Smooth comfort that can not be felt elsewhere An amazing textile that is unparalleled in the world.


Craftsmen from many dyes repeatedly make fine adjustments while making the skin feel the temperature that changes from day to day.


As with prints, a single mold is produced for each color, and a single color is applied to finish the print.


The fabric used in kiwa is 25m. The craftsmen will carefully dye it over time.


Sewing is done by two of us and one craftsman with a solid arm.


The work made from the lustrous color and solid sewing can be worn for more than 10 years.